CNC Vertical Milling Centers

All our CNC vertical milling centers run on FANUC controllers. Machining capacity on largest machine is 2500X1600X800 mm with 32 ATC and 4th Axis NC table. A rigid and versatile machine with box guide ways. Our machinists have exposure to CAM softwares like Master CAM, Del CAM, etc. They can proficiently employ different programming techniques to achieve optimum results.

CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

(800mm Diameter and 1000mm Height) CNC vertical lathe has been added recently to augment our machining capability.
Surface Grinders

GeePee has an array of surface grinding machines in different sizes. Our largest surface grinder can handle jobs as big as 2200X800X600 mm, which is suitable for grinding large machine guide ways etc. These machines can achieve finishes upto 2-3 Ra.

Important Facilities
Hydraulic Presses

We have a range of hydraulic presses from 100 to 300 Tons catering to our moulding needs. Rubber moulding is our strength. We can undertake metal reinforced rubber moulding
Laser Scanner

Our laser scanner can scan any special profiles in 3D and feed the data automatically to CNC machine through a special software. This enables us to machine intricate profiles and special tile designs. We also employ this for doing reverse engineering for some of our tools and components. Besides we use this for inspection purpose.
Spark Erosion

We have a large spark erosion machine to cater to the needs of intricate machining of our punches, whose size is ever increasing.
Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

Our Italian welding machine can automatically weld upto 2000mm in straight line with excellent weld quality.
Future Additions: CNC Trun Mill center & CMM